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Genius Time and Study Hall

Genius Hour and Study Hall

The purpose for this is to support each and every student in our classrooms, so they can a successful student. We will track student work and behavior to determine their eligibility for Genius Hour. Please review these areas with your student to help support their decision making at home.

To earn Genius Time students must:
  • Complete ALL assignments (half of the Spelling City assignments, Reading and Math Homework, any class work).
  • Turn in signed Communication Folder on or before Wednesday morning
  • Be an engaged, active learner at all times.
  • Be respectful and responsible
  • Bringing their iPad charged and ready every day

Students will earn Study Hall if:

  • They have missing work, this includes Spelling City, homework and classwork
  • Not return Communication Folder on time and signed
  • Have a level called
  • They are disrupting their learning or other's
  • Not having iPad charged or forgetting iPad at home
  • Not being responsible with their iPad