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Mr. Gardner's PE Class

Physical Education

I hope you all are safe, healthy and finding ways to keep active during this extended break from PE class. While I don't know how long this extended break will last, I will publish PE-related activities on this site on Mondays each week to the 'Remote Learning' menu option on the left. Your goal is to dedicate 20-30 mins to physical activity each day, but more is better. Just do the best you can and have fun! If you have safe access to outdoor spaces while practicing good social-distancing habits, then do as much as you can. My activities are bare minimums. You can substitute your own games and activities, but more is always better. With your parents' permission you can add activities like taking walks (walk your dog), going for a run, riding your bike (scooter or board), and playing catch with your family.

During this time away from school, my office hours to receive calls, answer questions and return messages will be:

  • Mon, Wed and Fri - 8-9 AM and 12-1 PM
  • Tue and Thu - 9-10 AM and 1-2 PM


Phone: (720)972-5310

If you cannot reach me right away, then leave me a message and I'll be sure to return your calls and emails.