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iPads Expectations:

​* iPads must be charged and sent to school everyday

* Chargers are to stay at home.  Students are to find a good outlet at home to place the charger in & charge nightly.

* iPads must travel to and from school in the provided bag (if this is lost you can replace for $1.00)​

* please do not rearrange the apps or in the dock at the bottom (2nd page is for school apps; 3rd page is for “home” apps)

* if there is not enough storage on the iPad, “home” apps and pictures will be deleted

* please update the apps and software updates as needed (red numbered circles on the app store and setting icons)                                                       

* the wallpaper setting on the lock and home screens should be a clear picture of your child                                                                                                            

* please keep the iPad away from food and beverages

Written Instructions on how to set up parental restrictions:

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PDF icon Cherry Drive IPAD agreement.pdf4.59 MB07/31/2018
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