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Our students have been working with definite rigor in the classroom this year, and will continue to do so until we near the end.

We are so proud of their abilities to persevere as they journey through certain challenges, which are turning into elevated successes and an increase in their confidences!

As you probably know, PARCC testing is upon us. In addition to PARCC this year, 4th graders from various schools in the state, including our 4th graders at Cherry Drive,

will also be taking the Social Studies CMAS (Colorado Measure of Academic Standards) test.  The CMAS assessment will take place after PARCC testing, beginning on April 10th.

This schedule is attached to the PARCC schedule and is available here on the Cherry Drive Website. As a gentle reminder, we ask that if you have to schedule appointments for

your child, it would be very much appreciated if you could please do so around their testing block of time.

Thank you!