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5th Grade

5th Grade Happenings


Email: Please check your email daily for remote learning updates and for zoom links for office hours. 

Learning Platform: We will post a learning board with all activities for the week in Showbie. Please submit all work through Showbie.

Apps: Students will also use apps and websites such as: Showbie, EPIC, eSpark, Spelling City, Mystery Science, and Studies Weekly (links to websites will be posted on Showbie). 

Attendance: We will post a week's worth of work at a time. Learning Boards will be posted every Monday for the week. Please work on the activities throughout the week (about 75 minutes per day) Attendance will be taken at the end of the week on Friday, and it will be based on assignment completion and submission. Learning remotely is intended to be independent and so we are not expecting all kids to be learning at the same time and at the same pace throughout the week. The goal is for students to engage in the learning that fits your family’s schedule.  

Grades: Grades will be recorded on the assignment in Showbie and your students' work may reflect the following: feedback, a completion check symbol or a numerical grade 1-4. 

Office Hours: We are available at any time for email questions, we will respond as soon as possible and if we need to we can schedule a meeting through Zoom so we can talk in person.  Students can also ask questions to us through Showbie. These are the times we are available to do a zoom video conference and/or respond to email. We will also check and respond to work in Showbie throughout the day. 

You can access Zoom through the app (when you log in for the first time accept everything).  For sound to work you will need to click on the button “internet audio” when you log in. Teacher’s meeting id (how you enter the Zoom Room) will be posted on Showbie.  We will also send the meeting ids in an email.


Office Hours for 5th grade teachers

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9-10 am and 1-2 pm

  • Tuesday, Thursday: 9-10 am and 2-3 pm 

  • Daily Zoom morning meetings with homeroom teacher at 10:00 (if you are able to join).

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We are here to help! We also acknowledge that this is a challenging time and know that adjusting to remote learning is going to require flexibility and patience. We will keep you updated with any changes that may/will occur - we are learning too! Thanks! Stay safe and well!   

The 5th Grade Team

5th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Carreon's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to Mrs. Carreon's online classroom at Cherry Drive Elementary. Here you can find important information about our 5th grade class such as: reference documents for parents and students, what are we currently working on and any class events...

Mrs. Lecumberry's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to Mrs. Lecumberry's Social Studies classroom at Cherry Drive Elementary. Please click on Social Studies pages to get specific information on the standards. Also, please visit the 5th Grade Classroom Page.  There you can find...

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5th Grade Happenings

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5th Grade Happenings

Posted: Fri, 04/03/2020 - 1:15pm
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