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Nothing makes more of a difference in a child's learning than time in text.  Studies show that getting books in hands and spending time reading ...

  • Develops stronger vocabulary. 
  • Builds connections between the spoken and written word. 
  • Provides enjoyment. 
  • Increases attention span and reading stamina. 
  • Strengthens cognition. 
  • Provides a safe way of exploring strong emotions.
  • Promotes bonding.

Your 4th grader will be expected to read every night.  They will have at least 2 opportunities to visit and choose just right books from our school library.  Feel free to take them to the local library, as well.  Students will have an opportunity each week to share their favorites and recommend books to their classmates.  


In addition,  it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that 4th graders know their multiplication/division facts 0-9.  All of the 4th grade math standards require automaticity of multiplication and division for success.   Please practice these facts at home.  We will send helpful resources such as multiplication charts, flash cards, and practice sheets to help facilitate their learning at home.