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We are currently using the program Everyday Math 4!  Students will complete most of their work at school, but we will send home a packet of Home Links at the beginning of each unit.  We do not expect these to be completed all at one time; instead, please refer to our Calendar, as we will post which Home Link should be completed based on the lesson that was taught in school that day.  Pay close attention, as we sometimes we do not teach every lesson in numerical order.  We also have some lessons that require two days to complete.  For those lessons, we suggest for students to wait until the second day of the lesson to complete the Home Link.  If you would like an additional copy of any of the Home Links, please go to the Calendar heading.  Then, click the lesson in which you need the Home Link for, and the link should be there!

Please see the links below for each unit's Learning Ladder.  These are the standards that students will be expected to accomplish by the end of each unit!

Click the link below to explore a math game created by the 5th Grade Robotics Club. 

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File Math Unit 1 LL.docx120.06 KB07/31/2018
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