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Fifth Annual Giving Tree

The holidays are very close and we have several families who are in need during this season. Many parents are unsure of how they are going to provide Christmas presents to their children. To support our Cherry Drive families during this special time, we will be displaying our SIXTH ANNUAL Giving Tree outside the office when we come back from Thanksgiving break.  This is no ordinary Christmas tree.  We will have gift ideas/likes for a Cherry Drive student or their sibling(s). You can then “adopt” a student by taking the ornament and by purchasing Christmas presents based on the information from the ornament.  This will be a completely anonymous process and the only information that will be posted will be the child’s age, gender, and interests.  This tree will be open to any interested Cherry Drive staff members, our Cherry Drive families, as well as community members. If you take an ornament from the tree, please bring the present wrapped, with the ornament attached to the outside of the gift, by Friday, December 14th.
If you need a little extra help this holiday season and would like to nominate your child or children to be put on our giving tree, please contact Courtney Brecht at 720-972-5301 or stop by in person by Friday, December 7th. Again, please know that this is a completely confidential process.

Thank you for making the holidays a little brighter for our families!