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We are thrilled that we received a grant from Kaiser as part of our wellness committee to implement Playworks.  Playworks philosophy emphasizes the students show the following: respect, inclusion, healthy play, and healthy community. Research shows that play creates essential opportunities for children to explore their imaginations, to connect with other people and stretch and grow physically, emotionally and soically. 

How recess will look different: Students will learn games that reflect the Playworks (philosophy-respect, inclusion, healthy play, and healthy community). They will be taught and play core games at every recess (3-5 core recess games such as ) and a game of the week. Some of the games include: 4 Square, wall balll, 3 line basketball, and 3 line soccer. The games of the week are super fun as well and some examples include: bandaid tag, sharks and minnows, shipwreck. 

These Playworks games are offered during the grade level recesses and lunch recess. Visit the following website for a video describing a school's experiences about Playworks.

More Information

See our Questions about Playworks section for more information or watch a video about Playworks.

You Can Volunteer To Help Us With Playworks!

To sign up to volunteer to help us with playworks, please click on the following link